St Mary's School, Makronia, Sagar

Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi, Aff. No. 1030306 | School Code:50272

Date  Day  Importance of the day Activities
01-04-24 Monday New Academic Session Begins  Special Assembly With Prayer service 
06-04-24 Saturday  Seminar on Health & Hygiene   
09-04-24 Tuesday Gudi Padwa  Holiday
10-04-24 Wednesday Jhulelal Jayanti  Holiday 
11-04-24 Thursday Eid-ul-Fitr  Holiday
13-04-24 Saturday    Special Assembly
14-04-24 Sunday  Ambedkar Jayanti   
17-04-24 Wednesday Ram Navmi  Holiday
20-04-24 Saturday    Special Assembly
21-04-24 Sunday  Mahavir Jayanti   
23-04-24 Tuesday  World Book Day  Book Designing Competition (6-12)
25-04-24 Thursday National Malaria Day  Medical Camp on Malaria awareness 
30-04-24 Thursday   Thanks Giving day.                                               School Closes for summer vacation.              Appreciation of regular students of the month on stage  
05-06-24 Wednesday  World Environment Day   
10-06-24 Monday Staff reporting & Meeting   
15-06-24 Saturday    Staff Orientation 
17-06-24 Monday Eid - Ul -Zuha  Holiday 
18-06-24 Tuesday  School Re-opens after summer vacation   
21-06-24 Friday  International Yoga Day Special Assembly With Yoga  
22-06-24 Saturday  Kabir Jayanti                           Cabinet Election  Competition on kabir's doha recitation (9th &10th)
29-06-24 Saturday  Seminar on green earth  Plantation Day                                            Appreciation of regular Students on stage 
01-07-24 Monday National Doctor's day  Medical check-up for students 
03-07-24 Wednesday St. Thomas Day  Holiday 
06-07-24 Saturday  Investiture ceremony  Oath Taking of school cabinet for the Session 2024-25
15-07-24 Monday Periodic Test-I   
17-07-24 Wednesday Muharram  Holiday 
24-07-24 Wednesday One Day outing  Class V & VI
27-07-24 Saturday    Poem Composing Competition (9th - 12th)/ Competition on Anchoring (6th - 8th ) 
31-07-24 Wednesday Munshi Prem Chand Jayanti  One Act Play. My Role Model (1st - 5th )             House Wise Act / Short Stories (6th - 12th ) 
01-08-24 Thursday Tilak Jayanti  Slogan Writing Competition (6th - 8th)
03-08-24 Saturday    Poster Making Competition (9th & 10th )
04-08-24 Sunday  Friendship Day  Quotes on healthy friendship (6th - 8th )          Sanskrit Quiz (6th - 8th)                                          Solo Dance Competition (1st - 5th) 
10-08-24 Saturday  PTM PA-I  
11-08-24 Sunday  Tulsidas Jayanti   
13-08-24 Tuesday  Left Hander's Day  Calligraphy writing competition (9th -12th) 
14-08-24 Wednesday   Patriotic Song Competition (6th - 8th) 
15-08-24 Thursday Independence Day  Flag hoisting & Celebration 
17-08-24 Saturday    Special assembly on Rakshabandhan.                   Rakhi Making Competition (1st - 5th)             Mehandi Putting Competition (6th to 10th)
19-08-24 Monday Raksha Bandhan  Holiday 
22-08-24 Thursday National Sports Day  Sports Competition (Primary Students)
23-08-24 Friday  National Space Day   
24-08-24 Saturday    Special Assembly.                                                    Quiz on astronomy and space (6th - 12th)
26-08-24 Monday Janmashtami  Holiday 
31-08-24 Saturday    Excursion for 7th & 8th
01-09-24 Sunday  Bundeli Diwas   
02-09-24 Monday   Folk dance Competition group (6th - 12th)
05-09-24 Thursday Teachers Day  Celebration 
07-09-24 Saturday  Ganesh Chaturthi  Holiday 
08-09-24 Sunday  Internationl literacy day   
09-09-24 Monday   Seminar for parents (9th - 12th)                            Reading Competition (1st - 3rd)                        Handwriting Competition (6th - 8th)
13-09-24 Friday    One Day outing (3rd & 4th)
14-09-24 Saturday  Hindi Diwas  Kavi Sammelan open stage (8th - 12th)
16-09-24 Monday Milad- Un- Nabi  Holiday 
17-09-24 -   30-09-24 Tuesday Mid Term / Half-Yearly Exam   
01-10-24 Tuesday  Diocesan Day Holiday
02-10-24 Wednesday Gandhi Jayanti  Holiday 
05-10-24 Saturday    Essay writing competition (6th - 8th)                  Debate (9th - 12th)
08-10-24 Tuesday Airforce Day  Special Assembly 
11-10-24 Friday  International Girl Child Day  
12-10-24 Saturday  10th to 12th Oct 2024   Dussehra Holidays
15-10-24 Tuesday  APJ Abdul kalam Jayanti  Special Assembly 
16-10-24 Wednesday PTM - Half Yearly Exam   
17-10-24 Thursday Valmiki Jayanti  Holiday 
19-10-24 Saturday    Drawing Competition (1st&2nd)                        Making of different figures on sheet from different types of leaves (3rd to 5th)                                            School Magazine designing (6th - 8th)                  Case study / Taking interview (9th & 10th) Presentation / Slide (11th & 12th) 
26-10-24 Saturday  Annual Day  Art & Craft Exhibition 
31-10-24 Thursday Diwali    28-10-24 to 02-11-24 Diwali Holidays 
01-11-24 Friday  M.P. Foundation Day Special Assembly on M.P. Foundation Day
06-11-24 Wednesday Periodic Test-II  
11-11-24 Monday National Education Day Seminar for parents (3rd - 5th) 
14-11-24 Thursday Children's Day Celebration 
15-11-24 Friday  Guru Nanak Jayanti & Birsa Munda Jayanti Holiday
16-11-24 Saturday    Excursion for 9th & 10th
18-11-24 Monday Pre-board I 10th & 12th
23-11-24 Saturday  PTM PT-II  
25-11-24 Monday   Youth Parliament (6th - 8th)                                      Quiz on Constitution (9th - 12th)
26-11-24 Tuesday Gour Jayanti                          Constitution Day Holiday
30-11-24 Saturday    One Day outing (1st & 2nd)
01-12-24 Sunday  World AIDS Day  
02-12-24 Monday   Seminar on Health Education (6th - 8th)                  Sex Education (9th - 12th)
03-12-24 Tuesday World Day of Handicapped  Special assembly with motivational Act                   Visit to differently abled (9th - 12th)                       Visit to Orphanage (6th - 8th)                   
07-12-24 Saturday  PTM Pre-Board I   
10-12-24 Tuesday Human Rights Day   
12-12-24 Thursday Pre-Board II 10th & 12th
20-12-23 Friday    Memory Test (11th & 12th)                                      Flower Decoration (9th & 10th)                              Salad Decoration (7th & 8th)                                Mime (5th & 6th)                                                    Story telling (3rd & 4th)                                              Fancy Dress (1st & 2nd)
21-12-24 Saturday    Crib & Star making Competition (House Wise) 
23-12-24 Monday   Christmas Celebration / Winter Holidays
01-01-25 Wednesday New Year Day  Holiday 
02-01-25 Thursday   School Re-opens after Winter Vacation 
06-01-25 Monday   Guru Govind Singh Jayanti 
08-01-25 Wednesday Periodic Test-III  
11-01-25 Saturday  PTM Pre-Board II   
12-01-25 Sunday  National Youth Day (Birthday of Swami Vivekanand) Extempore Competition (6th To 8th)
14-01-25 Tuesday    Makar Sankranti & Pongal 
24-01-25 Friday  International Day of Eductaion  Special Assembly on the topic
26-01-25 Sunday  Republic Day  Celebration 
30-01-25 Thursday Martyr's Day  Special assembly for the Martyr's day              Dressing up like leader (6th To 8th) 
01-02-25 Saturday  PTM Pre Bord III & PT III  
04-02-25 Tuesday World Cancer Day  Charity to cancer patients & Awareness Class 
08-02-25 Saturday  Farwell to Class 12th   
13-02-25 Thursday National Women's day  Sarojini Naidu 
20-02-25 Thursday Annual Exam (Additional)   
25-02-25 Tuesday Annual Exam   
26-02-25 Wednesday Mahashivratri  Holiday 
28-02-25 Friday  National Science Day   
08-03-25 Saturday  International Women's Day   
14-03-25 Friday  Holi Holiday
23-03-25 Sunday  World Maths day   
24-03-25 Monday Result Declaration (Annual)  
26-03-25 Wednesday Supplementary: Day I   
28-03-25 Friday  Supplementary: Day II  
30-03-25 Sunday  Gudi Padwa  Holiday
31-03-25 Monday     
01-04-25 Tuesday New Academic Session Begins