St Mary's School, Makronia, Sagar

Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi, Aff. No. 1030306 | School Code:50272


Principal’s Message


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

In the process of molding and shaping young minds, the very dynamic process of systematic education plays a great role.

30 years ago, St. Mary’s School was established under the motto  ‘Learning to Serve’ with a vision to pursue knowledge of truth and light. It aims for child-centric education and provides unmatched qualitative education. We truly try to empower each child to be a curious learner and a critical thinker who can face the challenges of an ever-changing global society. In the continuous and creative process of education, we all at St. Mary’s are making all our endeavors to imbibe in the children the will to work hard and make sincere efforts. Our continuous efforts result in more literate, civilized, and empowered citizens who are consciously driven by ethics and moral values.

We strive continuously to meet the needs of our students, foster good qualities, and enable them to meet the requirements of the present and future. We value the potential of both mentors and learners. We foster a positive spirit in pursuit of high academic attainment through support and encouragement, which may place us prominently in various ratings in academic and non-academic areas.